Tile Flooring in Mehlville MO

Advance-South-County-Tile-FlooringUpgrade your kitchen, bathroom, or any area with stylish and versatile tile flooring. When it comes to flooring, nothing gives you more options and opportunities to express your unique vision than tile. Visit our flooring store to choose from stone, ceramic or porcelain tile that you can arrange in nearly endless patterns. We offer an enormous selection of tile in numerous colors, sizes, shapes, and textures. Our flooring specialists are happy to lend their expertise about a particular product.

With so many colors, patterns and sizes to choose from, there are countless ways to make use of tile in your home. A long-time favorite in bathrooms, tile floors are just as suitable in kitchens for their ability to withstand spills. And, you can lend other living spaces throughout your home a touch of style, ranging from contemporary to traditional. Ask us about our professional tile flooring installation.

Benefits of Ceramic Tile

Improve any room or area with beautiful, popular tile. Tile is modular, which allows you to be creative in how you assemble your floor. You can put large tiles together for an expansive look. Set them at angles to grow small spaces, or use insets for a custom look. Our professionals can bring it to life any flooring style you imagine.

Ceramic tile is increasingly popular for its stylish and durable characteristics. It can be used as flooring, on walls, for backsplashes, showers, and more. Our collections of ceramic tile flooring offer all of the following benefits:

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Eliminates Allergens
  • Increases Home Value
  • Practical
  • Functional
  • Many Design Choices
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Strong
  • Affordable
  • Repairable by Replacing Cracked Tile
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Resists Moisture, Fire, Fading
  • Advantages of Porcelain Tile

    Like ceramic tile, porcelain tile offers a blend of beauty, practicality, and strength. Our flooring store offers the finest tile products available on the market. These premium flooring options are a long-term investment that increases the overall value of your home. There are also a number of other advantages to installing porcelain or ceramic tile.

    Real tiling is resistant to water, so you do not have to worry about the tile material absorbing water and weakening over time. That is one of the main reasons tiling is such a popular choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Another reason is how easy it is to clean tile. Mopping and vacuuming from time to time is all you need to do to ensure your tile floors retain the original brilliance they had when they were new.

    Ceramic and porcelain tiles feature many of the same attributes, but they also have a few minor differences. Porcelain tile is denser than its ceramic counterpart, and therefore is less porous. That is what makes porcelain one of the strongest and most resilient flooring materials. If you want a spectacular flooring surface that complements your interior decor, you cannot go wrong with either porcelain or ceramic tile.

    Professional Tile Flooring Installation

    Before we begin the installation process, we come to your home for a free consultation where we also measure the rooms at no charge to you. After we have the measurements and acquire the materials, we come back on the date you scheduled for us to install your stone, porcelain, or ceramic tile.

    The first step involves removing the old flooring and prepping the subfloor so it has a clean, level surface. Next, we begin laying the tiles of your choice in a pattern agreed upon during the consultation. Our tile flooring installation methods ensure each tile is securely attached to the floor and that the floor, as a whole, will have an attractive, uniform appearance once the job is finished.

    Finally, we clean up the area so there is no leftover mess from the installation. All you are left with is a gorgeous tile floor that perfectly complements the room's design. The time of the installation varies depending on the type of tiles we install and the size of the room or hallway.

    No matter what your architectural style, there’s a tile solution to bring your vision to life. Tile isn’t merely a trendy choice. It’s been an admired flooring option for years, and will continue to be a great way to bring lasting beauty and value to your home.

    Contact us today to learn about our complete collection of tile flooring. We are proud to provide complete services to customers throughout the communities of Mehlville, St. Louis, Oakville, Arnold, and Sunset Hills, Missouri.