Carpet Flooring in Mehlville, MO


Enhance your home with comfortable new carpet flooring. Modern carpeting is better than ever, developed with your lifestyle in mind and created with advanced technologies in backing, fiber, and weave manufacturing. The result is a refined durability that is an asset to any room or area of your home. When you choose carpet flooring from our local store, you can be assured you’re making a sound investment that you can enjoy at a great price with low upkeep for many years to come.

The Benefits of Carpeting

Home carpeting has countless benefits. Modern advancements in manufacturing technology have yielded carpet fibers that reflect light, hide dirt, and can resist stains and soiling. Carpet is comforting, welcoming, quiet, and warm. It is also strong, withstanding foot traffic, and ruggedly durable.

This is the perfect flooring option when you want affordable elegance and reliable longevity. Modern carpets can also create a beautiful design element in your home as you express your unique personal style with an eclectic array of colors and textures. Tones range from bright to neutral to dark with a variety of loops and patterns for you to customize. High-quality options for our carpet materials include:

  • Nylon

  • Olefin

  • Polyester

  • Triexta

  • Wool

  • Our Reputable Local Carpet Store

    Our local carpet store offers you a dazzling array of flooring options for your home. We have hundreds of varieties that will enhance your home with stylish comfort all at prices that won’t break the bank. When you shop at our carpet store, you’ll never have to sacrifice quality for cost. As we are part of a national flooring chain, we enjoy great buying power that enables us to purchase high-quality products at below retail prices. We pass those savings directly on to you.

    We offer you a personalized experience with an experienced sales associate who is dedicated to your personal vision for home flooring. We are committed to helping you select just the right carpet for your home and have a variety of tools at our disposal to aid in this process, such as online programs, carpet samples, and the SelectAFloor system. Our carpet store is well-stocked with the following distinguished brands:

  • Bigelow Stainmaster™

  • Innovia™

  • Millcraft™

  • Resista™

  • Tigressa™

  • Just Shorn™

  • Relax, it’s…Lee’s™

  • Lee’s Studio™

  • Professional Carpet Installation

    Protect your significant flooring investment with our experienced and knowledgeable installation team. We are pleased to offer professional installers that you can trust to install your carpets with no creases, bumps, wrinkles or other unsightly errors. We stand behind our years of experience with helping homeowners select and implement their new flooring. Rely on our meticulous carpet installation to make your home more beautiful, inviting, and stylish.

    Our fully-trained staff of professionals is proud to provide accurate, efficient, and reliable service that will enable you to enjoy your new flooring with ease. We are also pleased to offer warranties on our quality products so that after the installation, you can have peace of mind during the lifetime of your new floor. In addition, we offer The Beautiful Guarantee™, which ensures your satisfaction with our carpet products and services.

    Contact us yo learn more about our carpet flooring sales and installation. We proudly serve Mehlville, St. Louis, Oakville, Arnold, and Sunset Hills, Missouri.